Sunday, February 3, 2013


Let's give it another try. Oh my, I'm back in business.  Now if only I could remember the story behind these pictures.

The Mayflower

Read about this traverse board.  Very inventive these sailors were.

Traverse Board

In the bow of the boat.  Those lines are impressively big.

Pilgrim Church

This is it - Plymouth Rock - If you expected something the
size of a Rocky Mountain rock, you'd be disappointed.  It was
sizeable before they protected it but that was after souvineer hunters
 hacked off big chunks.

Monument to the forefathers.  Includes all the names
of the passengers on the Mayflower. A most impressive

We saw this view 4 different times while we were sitting on the patio of
Cabby's Shack eating THE MOST delicious clam chower in
a bread bowl.  I swear there must have been a pound of butter
and a pint of cream in EACH serving.  Sooooo good.

Beautiful harbor here. A l-o-n-g breakwater.

This was an eye-opener!  Guess not everyone was happy we landed.

They did know how to build beautiful buildings.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Uh Oh

January 7, 2014

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - there seems to be a hiccup uploading pictures from my computer file so until that is resolved - no new updates.
The "insert image" dialogue box doesn't give me a "browse files" option....

Feel free to memorize previous posts in case of a test.

Oh, and if you can offer any help, I'd appreciate it.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's been HOW long?

Next in line for a short ferry ride from Campabello Island, New Brunswick
to Deer Island, NB.

Could it be any calmer in this working harbor? Tide changes are so drastic the mooring
lines just ride up and down on the poles.

Docks at low tide -

OOPS!  Gonna be awhile before she's afloat.  Love the line-up at the dinghy dock.

Tide in - tide out. Work still goes on

Think these were some kind of holding pens at one time. Lobster maybe?

Just another waterfront eatery with a beautiful, relaxing view.  Just another lobster roll!

Back to Moody Beach for a couple days and some pickleball. 
Russ' doubles partner - Judy

Cape Cod - too many shark sightings so this is as close as I want to get. We
enjoyed our stay here and were pleasantly surprised with the courteous

10 mile ride to Woods Hole on a nice bike path. 
Russ did the 10 miles back then had to come pick me up.

One of the research ships - these things are huge

This vessel was getting ready to leave for a couple weeks educational tour. 
Lucky students! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lubec, ME & Campobello, NB

Sunset Point - a couple of miles out of Lubec, ME, eastern most RV park in the USA - this was the view out of our front window.

Channel light, "The Sparkplug", at low tide. The FDR bridge from Lubec to New Brunwsick
in the background. 

Here it is at high tide - 27' tidal changes here

West Quoddy lighthouse

Beach at the base of West Quoddy lighthouse - low tide. This is all underwater at high tide.

Buoys anyone?  Just a few of the ones on this property on Campobello Island. Must be getting ready for the season.

One of the small working harbors on Campobello Island

Anglican Church - Campabello Island

Some clever person transformed this old boat into a residence - at the base of the FDR bridge coming back into the USA

I guess if you need a getaway on Campobello Island, this is as good as any.  FDR knew how to relax. We had "Tea with Eleanor" one morning.  Docents gave us information about Eleanor, concentrating on the personal side and just touching on the public side. We toured this home along with a couple other summer residences.  The grounds were beautiful and the homes were what you'd expect considering the occupants.

We didn't add a carin to this collection of them at one of the beaches on Campobello.

View out of our front window on a foggy morning, and there were several of those. 

Russ waiting for the tide to go out so we could cross this sandbar to see the Head Harbor (East Quoddy) Lighthouse on the north end of Campobello Island. There were 2 sandbars to cross, 3 steep  rusty ladders to go up and down and of course the newly exposed rocks were still wet, mossy and slick. Narrow paths of boggy plants including poison ivy. Other than that it was easy. This is his idea of fun.

I rest my case!

Oh, I forgot to mention the need to pay attention to how long you are over there - don't loose track of the time.

....and you have to return over the same 2 sandbars, 3 steep rusty ladders, but the rocks aren't quite as slick now

I have to admit the view was beautiful from there.  We could see whales spouting in the distance and this one came in close so that it would make it all worth while.

Creative carins

I wonder how many people have added their touches to these carins

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Arcadia Nat'l Park and Bar Harbor Area

Bar Harbor & Frenchman Bay
Lobsterman leaving after unloading his catch.  The weather & water aren't always this lovely but he still has to go out and pull up his lobster traps. 
A harsh way to make a living.

Beautiful scenery almost always includes a snug harbor.

Cozy little summer cottage with spectacular view

Surprising number of classic wood boats in these calm harbors

Colorful cabins painted in "Bahamian" colors

Working harbor as evidenced by all the lobster traps

THE BAR at Bar Harbor - accessible at low tide, but don't dawdle. If the tide comes in and leaves you stranded and the Coast Guard has to come to your rescue they get cranky.

One of the hundreds of Atlantic Puffins we saw on the Whale - Puffin tour.  Too cute!

Eyes Left!

Humpback Whale tail - we had a perfect day with no fog and smooth water

These guys surface and spout, but when they show a lot of arched back you'd better have your camera ready