Sunday, February 3, 2013


Let's give it another try. Oh my, I'm back in business.  Now if only I could remember the story behind these pictures.

The Mayflower

Read about this traverse board.  Very inventive these sailors were.

Traverse Board

In the bow of the boat.  Those lines are impressively big.

Pilgrim Church

This is it - Plymouth Rock - If you expected something the
size of a Rocky Mountain rock, you'd be disappointed.  It was
sizeable before they protected it but that was after souvineer hunters
 hacked off big chunks.

Monument to the forefathers.  Includes all the names
of the passengers on the Mayflower. A most impressive

We saw this view 4 different times while we were sitting on the patio of
Cabby's Shack eating THE MOST delicious clam chower in
a bread bowl.  I swear there must have been a pound of butter
and a pint of cream in EACH serving.  Sooooo good.

Beautiful harbor here. A l-o-n-g breakwater.

This was an eye-opener!  Guess not everyone was happy we landed.

They did know how to build beautiful buildings.

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